Airpointer PM (HC) : Ambient Air Quality Station

The airpointer offers a choice of analysis modules using type approved reference methods for monitoring airborne pollutants (SO2, NO2/NOX, CO, O3, and PM) classifi ed as relevant by the EU, the WHO, the US-EPA and further responsible organizations all over the world.

The airpointer is the ideal tool for monitoring combustion process gases and volatile emissions.

• Airconditioned unit and additional heating element for down to -40 °C ambient
• Allows up to 2 ambient air gases of your choice to be measured 110/230 V, 50/60 Hz options available
• Rate of protection – IP54 & IP44
• Silent operation 58 dB @ 1 m distance
• Highly costumizable


• Easy installation – running in less than 1 hour
• Lightweight – can be mounted on a pole
• For use with a standard power plug (110/230 V)
• IOT – ready
• Informs the user automatically via E-mail or SMS if limits are exceeded
• Air-conditioned


• Perform redundant data logging of 2 different ambient air gases of your choice
• Optimal for fenceline monitoring
• Take measurements anywhere at any time in the world for 24 hours, 7 days a week
• Take measurements where space is precious and tight e.g. in the city
• Can be mounted on a trailer or inside a transporter for mobile applications
• Robust design for rough environments

 Pollutants Standard modules (4 of the following modules)
 Pollutant  Weight
 NO/NO2/NOX  Weight: 12.0 kg, optional: span module
 O3  Weight: 5.8 kg, optional: span module
 SO2 (H2S)  Weight: 8.5 kg span module; optional: H2S module
 CO  Weight: 9.0 kg, optional: span module
 PM10/PM2,5  Type approved PM10 and PM2,5 (Met One BAM1020 or EDM 180C)
 Weight  110 kg
 Dimensions (HxWxD)  1480 x 920 x 650 mm.
 Power consumption  max. 2000 W
 Flow without Dust  <3000 ccm/min
 Construction  Well-isolated double aluminium construction
 Standard monitoring modules on removable drawers
 Rugged, inconspicuous burglar-proof design
 Standard equipment  Internal air conditioning and temperature control
 Cylinder lock (standard)
 Zero air supply
 Operating temperature  -20 °C to +42 °C(optional heating for down to -40 °C) (+50°C for HC)

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