Gas Leak Detector


Ps200 Portable 4 Gas Monitor 01

PS200 – Portable 4 gas monitor

PS200 – Portable 4 gas monitor · Simple 2-button operation · Any combination of LEL/O2/CO/H2S · Audible, visual and vibrating alarms · Fully certified · Internal

Mx43 Gas Detection Controller

MX43 Gas Detection Controller

The MX 43 gas detector manages both digital lines and analog channels, and covers all needs for a wide variety of gas monitoring applications.

Itrans2 Gas Detector

iTrans2 Infrared Gas Detector

The iTrans2 infrared gas detector employs an intelligent electronics platform to provide one or two points of detection from a single head for maximum flexibility

Ctx300 Fixed Toxic Gas Detector

CTX300 Fixed Toxic Gas Detector

The CTX 300 detector is designed to detect oxygen, toxic and refrigerant gases, and also uses a new sensor for CO2 detection over three different ranges: 0-5000 ppm, 0-5% vol. and 0-100% vol.

Alarm Controllers

Alarm Controllers

R.C. Systems Inc.’s critical alarm controllers are widely used throughout the gas industry. Our products are recognized as premium state-of-the-art menu-driven controllers.

Wavenet Relayer

WaveNet Relayer

The WaveNet Relayer (WNR) receives Alarm Status data from wireless WCM sensors for activating up to five configurable 5 amp SPDT relays.