a world leading manufacturer of high-quality gas analyzers and measurement systems based on solid electrolytes. The measuring instruments and probes of ZIROX have been developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. In addition to the series products, special systems tailored directly to the customer’s requirements are realized.


Electronics E2000

Probe Electronics E2000

The electronic unit E2000 is a comfortable device for the use of ZIROX oxygen probes. The signals of ZIROX probes are recorded with the E2000,

Oxygen Probe Ss31h

Flue Gas Probes

ZIROX flue gas probes (SS31) are robust sensors which serve the λ-determination in large-scale firing plants as well as the measurement of oxygen partial pressure of furnace atmosphere.

Miniature Probe Ss27 Ms27

Miniature Probes

The ZIROX miniature probes MS27 and SS27 with controlled heater and integrated primary electronics provide high precision at comparatively lower costs.