Rc Systems

RC Systems

When working to find a solution for your critical alarm control requirements, engineers are tasked with determining the type of monitoring needed, as well as the detectors ease of use.. We know more than anything, reliability is a critical component when selecting a gas detection system. You need a system that will not only perform, but that is designed and manufactured by a company that understands critical alarm control requirements.


Alarm Controllers

Alarm Controllers

R.C. Systems Inc.’s critical alarm controllers are widely used throughout the gas industry. Our products are recognized as premium state-of-the-art menu-driven controllers.

Wavenet Relayer

WaveNet Relayer

The WaveNet Relayer (WNR) receives Alarm Status data from wireless WCM sensors for activating up to five configurable 5 amp SPDT relays.

Sensmart 7100 Ec Gas Detector

SenSmart 7100 EC Gas Detector

The The SenSmart 7100 EC wireless gas detector is CSA Certified for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. Available for both 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz

Sensmart 6000 Spare Gas Detector

SenSmart 6000 Gas Detector Series

The State-of-the-art SenSmart 6000 gas detector is built with ourproven ‘ST-44’ transmitter. CSA Certified for Class 1, Div 1 locations

Sensmart 5000 Gas Detector Series

SenSmart 5000 Gas Detector Series

The State-of-the-art SenSmart 5000 gas detector is RC Systems’ newest release to the gas detection industry. No competitive product offers as many features or better performance to cost ratio.

Sensmart 3500 Pid Gas Detector

SenSmart 3500 PID Gas Detector

The SenSmart 3500 3-wire gas detector is built with our reliable ‘ST-48’ smart transmitter, which provides the cutting-edge technology in toxic and combustible gas detection.

Sensmart 3100 Ec Gas Detector

SenSmart 3100 EC Gas Detector

RC Systems’ SenSmart 3100 EC 3-wire gas detector provides cutting-edge technology in toxic and oxygen gas detection. The SenSmart 3100 is an easy to use, universal solution that supports a variety of electromechanical sensors.