Your partner for IR temperature measurement technology
Optris GmbH is one of the leading innovative companies in the wide range of non-contact temperature measurement through infrared radiation since its establishment in 2003. The product program covers portable thermometers, fixed industrial thermometers as well as infrared cameras.


Optris Ir Thermometer Ctlaser G7 01

IR thermometer CTlaser G7

Temperature range: 100°C to 1200°C , Spectral range: 7.9 µm, Response time: 150 ms up to 85°C without additional cooling.

Infrared camera PI 1M

High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 pixels resolution, Wide measurement ranges from 450 °C to 1800 °C without sub-ranges

Infrared camera Optris Xi 400

compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The 80 Hz frame rate allows for the monitoring of fast thermal processes, even including a line-scan function.

Pyrometer Optris Csmicro 2m 1

Pyrometer optris CSmicro 2M

Temperature range 250 to 800°C (2ML) / 385 to 1600°C (2MH), Spectral range1.6 µm, Response time 8 ms (mA version 20 ms)

Pyrometer Optris Csmicro 3m 1

Pyrometer optris CSmicro 3M

Temperature range 50°C to 350°C (3ML) or 100°C to 600°C (3MH), Spectral range 2.3 µm, Response time 8 ms (mA version: 20 ms)