“Since 1972 LSI LASTEM, from its headquarters in Milan (Italy), has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete range of high-quality systems for environmental monitoring.

LSI LASTEM instrumentation is intended for numerous applications for portable and fixed monitoring of both indoor and outdoor environments, always guaranteeing the highest accuracy and reliability of measurements.

Its product range includes sensors, data-loggers, software as well as installation and mounting accessories.

The company, whose quality system is ISO 9001-2015 certified by TÜV NORD, puts customer satisfaction at the center of its activities; this commitment is also realized through the supply of before-sales and after-sales services that guarantee users of LSI LASTEM systems to always operate efficient, precise and continuously updated instruments.

LSI LASTEM laboratories are ISO 17025 certified by Accredia (LAT205) with outstanding state-of-the-art testing equipment.”


Lsi Second Class Pyranometers 01

Second Class Pyranometers

Radiometer for solar irradiance measurement, according to Second class as ISO 9060 and WMO No. 8 standards. This sensor is a good compromise for basic

Lsi First Class Pyranometers 01

First Class Pyranometers

LSI Lastem has a wide range of models to cover any need for meteorological … First Class pyranometers. Pyranometers with 5% total daily accuracy (ISO9060)

Lsi Secondary Standard Pyranometers 01

Secondary Standard Pyranometers

These sensors are classified as ISO 9060 Secondary Standard. With a total daily uncertainty of only 2% within 0…180° field of view, fast response time,

Lsi Combined Wind Speed And Wind Direction 01

Combined wind speed and wind direction

Combined wind speed and wind direction sensor. This sensor range includes, in a single apparatus, transducers for both
wind speed and wind direction measurement.

Lsi Wind Speed 02

Wind speed

compact size and high mechanical strength, these sensors are particularly suited for use in strong wind applications.

Lsi Wind Direction Sensors 02

Wind direction

Wind direction sensor with analog signal output. All models use a Hall effect encoding system.

Lsi Rainfall 01


A Rain gauge Design made in compliance to WMO ,Class A (UNI EN 17277:2020) accuracy over intensity(see PN)

Lsi Surface Temperature 01

Surface temperature

Surface contact temperature Robust sensor for outdoor application even in severe environmental conditions

Lsi Radiant Temperature 01

Radiant temperature

Accurate temperature measurements (0.1°C) , Availability of extrnal converters for 4-20 mA e Mod-bus-RTU outputs

Lsi Wet Temperature 02

Wet temperature

Accurate temperature measurements (0.1°C) , 4-wires technologiy for long distance sensor cable