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LAR TOC Analyzer : QuickTOCeco

LAR’s QuickTOCeco™ is an online analyzer for the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water and process water, as condensate return and cooling water. At 1,200°C

Quicktocuv Ii

LAR TOC Analyzer : QuickTOCUV II

Our new QuickTOCuv II is state of the art and has more great features. LAR’s TOC analyzer QuickTOCuv II is ideal for fast and reliable online monitoring in pure, drinking, surface and wastewater.

Quickton Ultra

LAR TNb Analyzer : QuickTONultra

LAR’s QuickTONultra continually monitors the TNb content of water. Optionally, further sum parameters can be detected, too. At 1,200 °C, samples are completely oxidised and only within 3 minutes the TNb result is determined.


LAR BOD Analyzer : ToxAlarm

LAR’s toxicity analyzer ToxAlarm™ continually monitors drinking and surface water for pollutants. Potential toxins in water are determined through the reaction of highly sensitive bacteria.


LAR BOD Analyzer : NitriTox

LAR’s toxicity analyzer NitriTox™ continually monitors water treatment plants for pollutants. Potential toxins in water are determined through the reaction of highly sensitive bacteria.


LAR BOD Analyzer : BioMonitor

In contrast to the standard BOD5 method the BioMonitor measures the total BOD. Measurement range: 1-200.000 mg/l BOD, 0 100 % Toxicity, Respiration in mg O2/l x min

Quickcod Lab

LAR COD Analyzer : QuickCOD lab

LAR’s QuickTOCultra continually checks the TOC content of waste water. Optionally, other sum parameters can be detected aswell. At 1,200 °C,msamples are completely oxidised and within 3 minutes the TRUE TOC result is determined.

Quickcod Ultra

LAR COD Analyzer : QuickCOD ultra

The raw water sample is oxidized at 1,200 °C and the CO2 produced is deteced and quantitatively determined. High Temperature Method at 1,200 °C

Quicktoc Uv

LAR TOC Analyzer : QuickTOC uv

QuickTOCuv™ is an online measurement system for the determination of total organic carbon (TOC) and the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in pure, drinking, surface and wastewater.

Quicktoc Trace

LAR TOC Analyzer : QuickTOC trace

For the continuous online determination of the total organic carbon (TOC) in ultra pure water applications. Measuring range 0.1 to 1,000 ppb TOC


LAR TOC Analyzer : QuickTOC effluent

LAR’s QuickTOCeffluent is the ultimate online TOC analyzer for the determination of total organic carbon (TOC) for waste water treatment plants effluents. Products by Brand LAR, Germany.

Quicktoc Purity

LAR TOC Analyzer : QuickTOC purity

The QuickTOCpurity from LAR Process Analysers AG is the online TOC measurement system for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in pure water.