A cleantech company headquartered at Paris-Saclay, France’s largest technology hub
Founded in 1993, Ecomesure is an innovative French company specialized in providing instruments and connected systems that monitor environmental data.
We help our customers engineer and implement comprehensive, innovative solutions so that they can analyze particulate, liquid and gaseous pollutants in line with regulatory requirements and provide a response to growing environmental and public health concerns.


Ecomsmart 2 01


EcomSmart 2 is Ecomesure’s latest generation of ambient air quality measuring monitors.

Ecomzen 2 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 01

ECOMZEN 2 : Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Air pollutant concentrations: PM1, PM2,5, PM4, PM10, CO, CO2, VOC, SO2, NO2, O3, HCHO, Cl2, HCl , Noise and brightness , Meteorological parameters: air température, air pressure and relative humidity

Ecomlite2 1

ECOMLITE 2 : Monitoring Indoor Comfort

EcomLite 2 is then ideal for continuously measuring indoor air quality, Fine particles concentrations: PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 Gases: CO2, CO, VOC, NO2. and Noise and brightness, Environmental parameters

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ECOMSMART : Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ideal for monitoring air quality in ambient or harsh environments, ECOMSMART tracks pollutants such as NO2, O3, CO, NO, SO2, H2S, VOC, CO, PM1/2.5/4/10 (and others) and temperature, pressure and humidity